A Mission Opportunity

Right Here in Selma-Dallas County!


Each Sunday afternoon, two rotating members of our team take just 60 minutes to minister to teens that are in an isolated section of the Dallas County Jail, officially the Perry Varner Education & Treatment Facility.  This “Boot Camp” program is designed as a “final warning” to delinquent teens who’ve had a brush with the law, and for many, it may be one of the last, best opportunities to learn about the love and hope our God has for each and every one of them, regardless of what they’ve done, or the situation they face.

 Jesus not only called on us to be His disciples, but with his last words on earth, He also told us He’d equip us for the task.  From Acts 1:8 (NIV):

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

What better opportunity than partnering with someone from our church to share the Word!

 If you already know this is your calling, or if you’d just like to learn more, please contact us to discuss it further, and arrange a date to accompany another current member of our team to Boot Camp.

Roy Gomes

Cell: (334) 349-0332

[email protected]

Camp Perry VarnerEducation and Treatment Facility

Marcus Hannah, Director

1002 Selfield Road

Selma , Al  36703

 Createdin 2000 to address the needs of at-risk youthin Dallas County.  Young men,12-17 years old, are referred to this facility, usually by the juvenile courts, for 8-16 weeks to receive treatment and training for their problems encountered in their communities.  To qualify, youths must be able to function in an open-door environment, and be currently free of substance abuse, or in need of crisis stabilization.

Mission Statement

“Building men one child at a time.” To develop and enhance positive behavior characteristics in delinquent youth through counseling which will include self-concept development, anger management, goal setting, academics, and physical fitness components in a highly structured intensive program.Perry Varner Educational and Treatment Facility is committed to teach every child basic social skills that enhance their ability to live a successful life. It is our goal to develop an individualized treatment plan to meet the needs of the youth in our program. We also strive to enhance growth, healthy choices, and adaptive skills for addressing areas that impact their lives.

Camp Goals:

  • Develop and enhance positive behavior characteristics in delinquent youth through counseling. Counseling components include self-concept development, anger management, goal setting, academics and physical fitness, all in an intensive, highly-structured program
  • Decrease the number of referrals received by the Department of Youth Services

  • Reduce the recidivism rate of the Juvenile Court in the counties the facility serves.