We are Resistance Student Ministries and our mission is to raise up a generation who will resist the norm and trade cultural Christianity for a radical lifestyle of following Jesus and manifesting the kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

OUR STATEMENT OF BELIEF AND CREED: As the student ministries division of Crosspoint Christian Church and as followers of Jesus Christ we make this declaration: We believe in one God, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. We believe that Jesus Christ the son of the living God took on flesh, resigning himself to death upon a cross, gave up his life for the sins of mankind and that three days later he rose again with the keys to death, hell and the grave; and furthermore that he now sits at the right hand of the father and intercedes on our behalf. We believe that by professing our sins, accepting his death upon the cross as a full payment for our sins and by acknowledging and accepting Jesus as our savior and the one and only way to heaven that we are granted eternal life and this not by works but by grace. We believe that the Holy Spirit, being the spirit of the one true god, was sent to dwell within us as followers of Christ, that he might empower us to be witnesses to all the world of his great love and power. We believe this by faith for without faith it is impossible to please God. Because of this belief we make this pledge: To be imitators of Christ. To come to know his character, and the desires of his heart, through prayer and by his word. To lose ourselves in order to seek his will and purpose in all things, listening for his voice and determining to be obedient. To be his disciples and to make disciples of all men. To never be ashamed of Christ, never fear persecution and always be willing to give up ours lives for the sake of the gospel.

  • God worked on my heart tonight and is continuing to do so. In gonna stand up for God no matter what. You can laugh make jokes or do whatever you wanna do. I won't care!! Thanks to Denita Montoro for that amazing prayer and Emilee Poe Davis for that amazing message. Really touched me and I love y'all!!!