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SIEGE Student Conference is about empowering a generation to take back territory that has been stolen.

To lay Siege means to surround and attack a fortified place in order to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of weakening the resistance of the defenders, thereby making capture possible. It is a prolonged or persistent effort to overcome resistance.

In this microwave oven culture we’ve gotten used to getting results fast, and in many ways this culture has diminished our ability to be persistent in praying and fighting for things, especially in circumstances where it sometimes takes longer to see results. Our mission is to reignite a passion for prayer, pressing in and lingering in the presence of God and fighting until we see results and experience victory. In many areas in our nation, such as the breakdown of traditional marriage values and abortion, it seems as though the enemy has stolen territory from the church and claimed it as his own. Our belief is that he has no valid claim and that now is the time to learn to lay siege upon the enemy in these areas and not stop praying, pressing, working, fighting until we take back what has been stolen!

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